• A surprising response

    So recently, and by recently I mean within the past month, there was a youtube sensation that hit the world wide web called My Tram Experience (initially post by ladyk89).  This video was posted by a British citizen who apparently captured an irate woman loudly proclaiming her frustration with the “polish” and others whom are not in fact British.  

    I was surprised because although I do not agree with her opinion, does she not have a right to verbalize it as disgusting or detestable as it may be?  I understand that there is no freedom of speech in England, but this woman’s subsequent arrest following the popularization of this video honestly surprised me.  Since when do we start arresting people for their opinions?  Whether or not you are offended or angry about what this woman says, why not fight words with words or example? 

    -Chico, CA


  • 2 years ago